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Back on the blog train, for the time being. Around mid-tour in Germany and Sweden with the Cruel Hand Army.


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one week!



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Last night i went to see Metallica play a concert. They were tight as fuck and played a selection of stuff from all of their albums.  I wanted a Perth memorabilia shirt but i’m not in the business of paying $50 for a shirt. The stage was a square in the middle of the stadium and Hetfield & Co would move around switching microphones, so you could see everything from wherever you were standing which was cool. Lars is still annoying though. And the black album is still the best album. Great concert, but not as good as Coldplay…


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It’s been a while…

Here’s some pictures from our European tour with Cruel Hand during late July and early August. Good times. More soon, probably!

Paris to Brussels.

Got a light?


Astra <3.

One of my favourite photos ever. Hahahaha.

Passports please.

Fluff Fest.

No Turning Back @ Fluff.

Cruel Hand @ Fluff.

Metallica medley onstage party.

Looking for WiFi in Vienna.

Nate found this cool shirt, and wore it for the rest of tour.

Bomba! The energy drink of choice in Budapest.

So refreshing.

Header practice in Budapest.

Fish! One year ago.

Us, one year ago.


Cruel Hand one-piece pjyama set.

Cool sunglasses.

Alberto, Vicenza.

Cool beds.

Football in Vicenza.

Countryside in Vicenza.


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Our new record “ENDLESS ROADS” is now available to pre-order through our friends over in Italy at Anchors Aweigh Records. There’s two different colours, a multi colour splatter and a blue/white haze to choose from. Or you can pick up both with a t-shirt designed by Nicola Tinti from Black Sails Designs.

When I grow up…

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Last night Fish & I got some free tickets to see Fever Ray & Zola Jesus play in a big theatre in Paris. Before going i didn’t know much at all about either acts, but both were really impressive. The ZJ vocalist has one of the strongest voices i’ve heard in a long while. It was good to sit down and enjoy a proper concert for once, the atmosphere, lighting and stage setups were amazing. It was kinda like watching a Tension premiere back in the day with a few thousand more people and a million dollar budget, kinda. Here’s some pictures from my phone. Double Cheeseburgers rule.